Alan Willenburg
Senior Managing Partner

Alan worked for Post and Telegraphs which became Telkom S. A. for 40 years. After matriculating he went to the Cape Technical College where he completed a Diploma in Telecommunications. He was appointed as Telecommunications Technician in 1973 and ended his career managing the training of personnel in the Core Network of Telkom SA.

He retired at end of March 2011 and was asked to chair the City Partnership. He is a committed Christian and is serving as minister’s warden and lay-preacher at St Timothy’s church.

He is also serving on the committee of the Cape Town Men’s Convention and at present working with the TGIF group that meet on Friday morning.
He was also a keen hockey player, representing Western Province and South African Defence.

On a more personal note Alan is married to Charmain and has two sons Stephen and Paul who are married to Lesley and Audrey. He also has three grandsons, Elijah, Caleb and Silas who are the joy of his life.

Alan and Charmain are both committed to upholding God’s Word above all else.

cell:     072 463 9343

Rob Pompe
Managing Partner

Rob accepted The Lord as his saviour in 1981 after hearing the testimony of a businessman at a lunch time out reach. Since then he has been active in sharing the gospel with other business people. He grew up in the then Rhodesia and immigrated to South Africa in 1979. From 1980 through to 2003 was involved in the insurance industry, for the last 15 years of that time owned insurance brokering and photographic businesses. In July 2008 he launched City Partnership in Somerset West.

cell:     082 896 3324

Donovan Schell
Managing Partner

Donovan became a Christian in 1980, three weeks before getting married to Estelle in July 1980. They have two children, Darron and Lauren, both children are married.

Donovan has been living in Parrow North since 1982, and is currently an elder in the Tygerberg Presbyterian Church, and has been for almost 23 years.

He has served as Youth Leader in the Goodwood Presbyterian Church for 6 years, and has recently completed a Diploma in Theology (The Whole Counsel of God) offered by the Kenya College of Theology. Donovan is soon to be ordained as lay preacher in the United Presbyterian Church.

Recently retired from Transnet where he was employed as a Health and Safety Practitioner, Donovan completed 38 years service and retired early at the age of 57.

Donovan concludes, that this is more than enough about himself. The most important aspect of his life is that he is a child of God and a disciple of Jesus Christ. All the other personal aspects fade into insignificance. It’s really not about me. It’s all about Jesus.

cell:     083 283 9812